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Kids' Karate For Healthy Fun, Self Defense, and a Head Start Towards a Life of Success!

Kids of all ages can benefit from learning karate. Because karate builds not only physical strength but strength of character in kids, it translates into improved performance and discipline outside the dojo too -- at home, at school, in groups of friends. Introduce your child to new, exciting pathways of strength at Maplewood Way of Life Karate.

Tap into the Tradition and Follow the Fun

We teach well-controlled, physical movement, including punching, kicking and jumping, that are in keeping with the ancient martial art of Gojo Ru. We relate the karate tradition to the techniques that make students stronger physically as well as mentally, and better able to protect their personal safety. Our students learn to draw upon their inner strength, a compelling power that is always at the ready.

Parents frequently tell us that as their children progress through their karate training, their self-confidence flourishes. Parents love it and kids love it. At Maplewood Way of Life Karate, we teach valuable skills that better equip kids for a successful, healthy and happy future, and they never need fear being victims of bullying.

A Fun and Integrated Approach

Every Karate Program at Maplewood Way of Life integrates a proven formula for success with an infusion of fun, including the following components:
  • Healthful warm-up period featuring fun, group-oriented conditioning exercises and carefully modulated muscle stretching
  • Age-appropriate aerobic workout focused on burning fat and strengthening the cardio-vascular system
  • Kids Character Development and Life Skills curriculum based on ancient Black Belt philosophy
  • Age-specific karate drills focusing on self defense techniques with cutting-edge coaching practices
  • Focus on fun in each and every class session!

How Kids Benefit from Martial Art Training

More than any other sport, karate brings full-circle benefits to kids and adults alike. Full-body fitness is only the beginning. Kids can carry the karate spirit throughout their lives as a touchstone of strength, character and mental acuity. The sense of accomplishment and self-esteem that children earn throughout their progression of belt levels at Maplewood Way of Life Karate carries over to enjoyment and success in daily school and social activities as well.

One of the wonderful student benefits we see time and time again at Maplewood Way of Life Karate is how kids learn to draw upon one another for inspiration. We create a caring community of classmates that support each other's development through a shared love of martial arts. Friendships forged at Maplewood Way of Life Karate provide strong and enduring connections for many of our students.

Fun-tastic Events

Our staff enjoys the special events at Maplewood Way of Life as much as our kids do. We offer kids and families opportunities throughout the year a place to socialize with their classmates and leaders in a more relaxed atmosphere where the goal is healthy fun.

Kids' activities include:

  • Buddy Night
  • Parents’ Night Out
  • Tournaments
  • Contests
  • Fun Challenges
Don't forget that Maplewood Way of Life Karate hosts fun-filled kids birthday parties, too, at your request. A karate party is perfect for kids to include their friends in an action-packed, healthy and unique celebration!

Our Kid-Friendly Staff is Well Trained and Certified

At Maplewood Way of Life Karate, we select only the most qualified and kid-friendly instructors to ensure that each class is focused on success in the martial arts. They are dedicated to each child's advancement and achievement in the martial arts. Whether your child is a pre-schooler, an elementary school student or a teen in need of a total health enhancing experience, our dedicated staff will work with your child to open fun, new pathways to strength and self realization.

Enroll your child today by calling 973-941-7000 to schedule your personal tour of our facility!