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Maplewood Way of Life Karate for Adults and Teens offers Top Notch Self-Defense Skills and a Healthier New You!

Learn how to successfully defend yourself and your family from the most common street attacks! Self-defense is about skill and technique, not size or brawn. You will be amazed at the inner-strength you already possess to land a targeted kick, punch like you mean it and the power of your elbow or knee and other lifesaving techniques.

When you were a child, you got plenty of exercise from play. As an adult, you know how important a thorough workout regimen is to your health, but you may have lost the fun of it along the way. Kids don't trot endless miles on a treadmill or do endless crunches; they stay healthy through play. Let Maplewood Way of Life Karate restore that sense of fun to your workout through martial arts instruction.

Great at Any Age

Practicing martial arts takes mental focus, physical control and a willingness to learn. One thing it doesn't require is youth. Although martial arts instruction is wonderful for children, it offers a multitude of benefits for adults. Karate masters continue to develop their skill throughout their lifetimes. Gymnastics and football may be youthful sports, but practicing martial arts is a lifelong pursuit. You're never too old to start.

Here at Maplewood Way of Life Karate, we offer a range of martial arts classes for adults. We'll place you with students at your same level so you'll get the most from the session. If you're a novice, you may find you have an aptitude that you never suspected. If you're a former martial arts student rediscovering your love of karate, you'll find you haven't forgotten nearly as much as you might think. If you're an expert, you'll deepen your expertise with our experienced instructors.

Much More Than a Workout

A good workout leaves you feeling invigorated for a short while after the session. Martial arts practice goes far beyond a workout, giving you that feeling of energized focus throughout your day. That's because karate and its associated martial arts are more than sport or exercise. Our classes at Maplewood Way of Life Karate live up to our name, turning physical fitness and mental acuity into more than just a workout. Whether you want to relieve the tension of a hectic week or find extra energy to stay focused at work, a session of martial arts practice fits your needs.

Of course, you'll also get an excellent workout from our martial arts classes. Every class focuses on building balance, strength, flexibility and control. Regular practice will get you into the best shape of your life. You'll even have fun getting fantastically fit, which is something no grind at the gym can claim.

Fun for the Family

If you've been dropping the kids off for karate practice without coming in for classes yourself, you're letting them have all the fun. Make martial arts a shared interest in your home and take a class with the grown-ups while the kids learn with their peers. You may not read the same books or listen to the same music as your kids, but the whole family can share their enthusiasm for martial arts training.

Maplewood Way of Life Karate keeps classes for kids separate for safety, but our social events such as movie nights, buddy nights, talent shows and fun challenges bring kids and adults together. Our friendly team members make events fun even for parents who don't participate in classes, but you'll get even more enjoyment out of special occasions if you're a student as well as a parent.

What You'll Gain from a Martial Arts Class

Every class at Maplewood Way of Life Karate is geared to the students' level, but they share common elements:
  • Heightened Self-Confidence and a feeling of Self-Improvement

  • Better Balance and Coordination

  • Improved Health and Energy Levels

  • Greater Strength, Flexibility and Agility

  • Improved Mental Clarity

  • Life Saving Self-Defense Skills
Because you share this experience with other students, you're likely to make plenty of friends as well. You already start off with something in common, after all.

Way of Life Karate Free Trial

No matter how much we tell you that you'll enjoy martial arts classes, showing you is even better. Our outgoing, experienced staff would love to arrange a free trial class with you so you can find out why we're so excited about martial arts. Call us at 973-941-7000 and try a free karate class. Rediscover yourself at Way of Life Karate in Maplewood.