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Maplewood Way of Life Karate: Something for Everyone

Whether you want a great full-body workout for yourself, a fun learning experience for your kids or empowering self-defense lessons for everyone, Maplewood Way of Life Karate offers complete martial arts instruction. Our team members are not only experts with years of martial arts training behind them, they're also experts at teaching others. Make martial arts training at Maplewood Way of Life Karate a part of your life to enjoy greater health, more confidence and plenty of fun.

Martial Arts for a Healthier You

When you think of aerobic exercise, you might think of hours on a treadmill or classes of leotard-clad people hopping in time to outdated music. Put those dull exercise sessions aside in favor of an activity that provides you with a full-body aerobic and anerobic workout as you're having fun learning a vital new skill that could save your life one day. Our martial arts classes at Maplewood Way of Life Karate give you the same health benefits as that step aerobics class, but instead of performing the same routine week after week, you'll progress toward meaningful goals.

Fitness for you and your family should be fun. Our martial arts classes put the enjoyment back in your workout, inspiring you to stick with your exercise regimen.

Peace of Mind with Martial Arts

Unlike most other forms of exercise, martial arts training transcends purely physical activity. Martial arts instruction also creates the mental focus necessary to practice these centuries-old disciplines. Forging a link between your physical self and your mental self through martial arts gives you not just whole-body exercise, but whole-person exercise. Practicing martial arts relieves tension when you're stressed and energizes you when you're feeling sluggish. Learning practical self-defense techniques can reduce anxiety and bolster self-confidence.

Kids may not be able to express themselves when they feel anxious or stressed, but they're prone to these feelings too. Martial arts instruction gives them a constructive channel for their stress. Excess energy that leads to restless fidgeting in the classroom finds its outlet in martial arts classes, leading to calmer kids.

Classes at Maplewood Way of Life Karate are fun, but the whole-person workout you and your kids receive goes far deeper than ordinary play.

Building the Self, Building Friendships

While martial arts training enhances self-esteem, self-confidence and self-control, it's about something bigger than the individual. Students learn about trust, respect and sportsmanship as they work with the instructor and the class. Martial arts classes are a social activity, not just solo training sessions at the gym. You and your family will forge friendships at Maplewood Way of Life Karate. We know how important the social aspect of learning can be, so we host buddy nights, movie nights, nerf wars, and other fun get-togethers that give our students a chance to socialize in a supervised environment.

Maplewood Way of Life Karate classes are grouped by age and experience level. Being around peers gives you and your family a comfortable, safe environment in which to grow. Kids in beginner classes progress together and form close friendships as they advance in their martial arts training. You'll also feel more at ease with others who share your level of martial arts experience. Because we offer instruction for everyone from true novices to experts honing their skills, we have the right class for you.

Elements of a Martial Arts Class

No matter what age group or level of experience, all of our classes at Maplewood Way of Life Karate feature four essentials:
  • Increasing flexibility and strength

  • Aerobic and anaerobic exercise

  • Mind and body discipline

  • Plenty of fun

  • Award Winning Character Development

  • Self-Defense and Leadership Skills
Building a healthier body takes a combination of aerobic activity, strength training and flexibility exercises. We link these elements to psychological and mental components of martial arts practice to give you a whole-person workout. We also know that no workout works if you don't love it, so we keep it fun for everyone.

Maplewood Way of Life Karate Welcomes You

We believe strongly that martial arts practice is for everyone, and we'd love the chance to prove it to you. Call us at 973-941-7000 to arrange a tour or schedule a free trial class. Any of Maplewood Way of Life Karate's courteous, enthusiastic team members can answer any questions you may have or help you choose the class that's right for you and your family.